About us

Teufen Pharmacology was established in 2014 with the aim of establishing a new field of Pharmacology Science developed based on the advancement of the Scientific Nature and functioning principles of Medicinal Plants, and the comprehension of Spiritual Phenomena. Thus consolidating the pioneering field of natural science and spiritual wisdom to become just as useful and practical and as measurable as any other phase or science of human experience.

Our Aim

Is to Produce the best Pharmacology Grade Formulas from High Value Medicinal Plants and Minerals which possess valuable Prophylatic and Therapeutic properties, without the use of synthetic drugs, producing Remedies and Food Supplements for the therapeutic field of preventive, regenerative health.

Delivering the medicinal plant compounds both raw and also elaborated into healing pills, creams, essential oils, tisanes and powders.

Our Promise
Our ingredients are only Natural never synthetic, and always the complete formula on the label never a secret or hidden formula.

With the increasingly disappointment and visible concerns on Allophatic Synthetic Drug Medicine last century (the 20th Century) may well have become in certain countries more of an economic industry. Thus we aim to offer a different approach to a more natural production of health remedies.

Teufen Pharmacology is part of the non-for-profit organization Hospitallers Order of the Good News. Teufen Pharmacology is the Pharmacology Company of the Hospitallers Order of the Good News and it is fully owned by the Order. Teufen Pharmacology company main objectives are the Production & Development of affordable Natural Organic Remedies.


The organization nor its employees don't pledge, nor give any promises, and DON'T pledge nor give any guarantee of treatments.

The organization and its employees don't give any medical counselling, (none of the employees of the organization is trained in medicine (allopathic), the organization has no one trained in any medical speciality, and no one is qualified in any field of medicine.

The Institute has nothing to do with medicine (allopathic). The organization has nothing to do with pharmaceuticals (synthetic medication).

The organization works with published research information, and its aims are to apply the same findings in further research, and search and record any evidence that may result of the application of same.

The Institute Doesn't known's of any cure.

Please be aware that results may vary.
The information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your allopathic medical service provider.

Our organization does not dispense medical advice, prescribe or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by our organization are not intended to be a substitute for any allopathic medical services.

If you have a severe allopathic medical condition, see your allopathic medical service provider.

Disclaimer: Ideas and information contained throughout this website are based on years of experience on hundreds of Physicians and Health Practitioners since records have been made and preserved into the present era, including an extensive review of published and unpublished scientific data. Scientific references are linked throughout whenever practical. The information presented on this website is intended to be educational in nature and is not intended as a basis for diagnosis or treatment. The information published here is updated periodically and every attempt is made to insure that it is current at the time of posting. It is fully expected that some of this information will be contradicted from time to time by various “authorities” and “researchers” in support of their own “agendas”, different “interests” and “opinions”. This website is published and distributed for educational purposes as a courtesy to the public in general.






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